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The policies and regulations of Patterson Clean Living Services, LLc has always been designed to protect both you the client and our staff. We offer many different styles of cleaning services, from bathroom only cleaning to a general cleaning, or maybe it is time for that spring cleaning, and you need a detailed service. We can help! At Patterson Clean Living Services, we strive for customer satisfaction.

Patterson Clean Living Services offers professional service that is customized to meet the needs of each client. Our Services are hands-on with a no long-term agreement. Our general cleaning services start at the most inner part of your facility and we work our way out to the most outer point to ensure your facility is clean and disinfected in a timely manner. We can achieve the needs of each client that sign with Patterson Clean Living Services by training and educating our cleaning staff of the needs of our clients on an ongoing base.

The services would include the cleaning of all flat top surfaces to removing the debris and to disinfect the surface to kill any germs. We will clean then disinfect all high points of the assigned areas. (Light Switches, Doorknobs, etc.) We also take out the trash and sweeping and mopping the floors too.

How does Patterson Clean Living Service, LLC stay a reliable company?


Safety of our staff and clients is the most important operation to our company. We provide ongoing training to the needs of our client, and the uniforms they will need in accordance with the activity of the client. (High visibility shirts, steel toe shoe covers, etc...) We also provide protective gear like gloves and mask and the training on how to use them to keep our client and each other safe.


Good quality control helps companies meet consumer demands for better service. Patterson Clean living Services, LLC makes a quarterly quality control inspection on all of our Daily and Weekly accounts. We do phone interviews with the rest of our clients. This is done by a trained staff member for two reasons: The first is to stay a professional service provider to our clients and their needs. The second is to train the staff on a regular basis to the ongoing needs of the client. Patterson Clean Living Services keeps all inspections in your electronic file to help provide you with reliable service.


From business hour services to after hour services Patterson Clean Living Services, maintains the highest standard of integrity focusing directly on our customer's needs with both our staff’s and your staff’s safety in mind. We are a first come first serve company that is enthusiastic about the cleaning business, and we maintain an immediate sense of urgency to all our customers.

No matter what type of disinfecting service you would request, from bathroom and break room only service to fully customized office cleanings we provide a reliable cleaning service to our client regardless of their facilities size or needs.

Lot Clean Up, Real Estate Services, Commercial Services, Business or After hour services, and customized billing. These are just a few services we can help the greater Fort Wayne, In., and surrounding areas.

We believe that value is important.

So, if you want your facility to look clean, smell clean, and feel clean and disinfected, then let a dependable company like Patterson Clean Living Service, clean and disinfect your facility. Our services are competitively priced so give us a call now!!