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Patterson Clean Living Services offers a professional janitorial service in Fort Wayne, IN that adds value to the cleaning and disinfecting industry. The way they add value to the cleaning and disinfecting industry is by showing pride, honor, integrity, and having the ability to customize their services to meet the client’s needs. We also add value to our services by being proactive with the facility. Patterson Clean Living Service strives for customer satisfaction by leaving the facility looking clean, smelling clean, and feeling clean.


The services that we can provide you with are grounds/lot clean-up services, routine maintenance activities, including notifying management of the need for repairs. We can also help you with the general cleaning needs from company parties, company meetings, and special projects. 


Patterson Clean Living Services is a hands-on company with no long-term agreements. We offer both BUSINESS-HOUR SERVICES and AFTER-HOUR SERVICES. Our business-hours services run from opening of the facility to closing the facility for the day. Our after-hour services are just that. Services that are provided while the office is shut down or during non-operating periods. (Weekend Holidays etc..). All of our services are customized to the needs of each client based on availability. 

Although our services are customized to meet the clients’ needs. We only offer once a month and bi-weekly cleaning and disinfecting services during business hours. Daily and weekly cleaning and disinfecting services are offered for both business-hour and after-hours services.  

To help our clients maintain a clean and disinfected facility. Patterson Clean Living Services can help with other overlooked cleaning needs like H-vac cleanings, fluorescent light lens cleanings, exterior and interior window cleaning, stripping and waxing of the floors, and steam cleaning of the carpets. No matter the frequency of your needs, give us a call.



   From business hour services to after hour services Patterson Clean Living Services maintains the highest standard of integrity focusing directly on their customers’ needs with both their staff’s and your company’s safety in mind. From bathroom and break room only service to routine customized office cleanings, we always show pride in our services regardless of the facility’s needs. We are a first come first served company that is enthusiastic about the Janitorial business. 

    We are also an agile and flexible company that always maintains an immediate sense of urgency with all of the client’s request. No matter what type of cleaning and disinfecting service being provided.

   Patterson Clean Living Services believes that value, honor, and pride are important when providing a professional janitorial service.

   If you want your facility to look clean, smell clean, and feel clean, then let a dependable company like Patterson Clean Living Service clean and disinfect your facility. Our services are competitively priced so give us a call now!

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