From a newly constructed or renovated home to apartment complexes, we provide all aspects of real estate clean-up from large projects to small. If you are a property manager, real estate agent, or an apartment complex that is needing professional real estate clean-up services - contact us today for top quality service. If you are moving out of your rental property or selling your home Patterson Clean Living Services can help, there too. We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle about every type of job that comes our way. With Patterson Clean Living Services, LLC, our clients know exactly what to expect - professionalism, efficiency, and exceptional results.

Patterson Clean Living Services, LLC provides a professional real estate cleaning and construction cleanup services to the greater Fort Wayne area. When you're managing a construction project, running an apartment complex, or getting a home ready for showing after a moved out, don't wait till the last second and get stuck with a second-rate cleaning service. Go with the pros and get in touch with our team of cleaning experts at Patterson Clean Living Services, LLC to schedule a professional and thorough clean for your property.

We know you want your property to look clean, smell clean, and feel clean, so we require that all cleaning have at least a five-day notice for service. We are a first come first serve company that adds value to our cleaning services.
Our general cleaning services are normally asked for when the client would be getting ready to move in or to show the property to rent or sale. The general cleaning is just what is sounds like the cleaning of the exposed areas of the property and appliances. Our full-service cleanings are normally requested right before a move in, or at the end of the construction project. A full-service cleaning would include the cleaning of all interior windows, cabinetry, closets, appliance, as well as dust or wipe down all exposed flat surfaces throughout the property. No matter what level of service we are performing our a cleaning solution not only cleans but is a disinfectant as well.

Some of real estate services we offer to the Fort Wayne, In, and surrounding areas would include:

Construction Clean Up

Move In - Move Out Cleanings

Real Estate Cleaning

Apartment And House Cleanings

Property Owners, Real Estate Agents, Residential Construction Companies, Apartment Complexes, Mobile Home Parks, Vacation Rentals, Air BNB, and other types of companies and organizations like this can benefit from our cleaning services!

Do not wait to get started. As soon as you know you will need a professional cleaning, contact us right away and schedule your cleaning needs. We are a first come first serve company.